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It’s completely up to you. You can set the system up yourself — the mobile app has interactive instructions with prompts. Or, you can have a professional installer set everything up for you and give advice on equipment placements to ensure maximum protection. We recommend that professional installers be used for larger commercial properties.

You can allow your family, friends or neighbors to help monitor your security system by giving them access to the Ajax Hub to receive notifications. You can also link your Ajax system to armed response companies.

You only need to pay the usual monthly fee to the armed response company of your choice, should you choose to have armed response.

Ajax devices use a digital algorithm to detect human movement. As long as your pets are smaller than 50 centimeters (19.5 inches) and 20 kilograms (44 lbs), they shouldn’t set off your Ajax detectors.

The hub back up battery provides up to 16 hours of reliable operation. Once your home regains power, the hub will automatically recharge the backup battery.

If your Wi-Fi goes down, signals to your app will be sent from a sim card in the hub. Please note the sim card is not included.

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